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Partnerships At Work

Formed in 1966, Consort Displays is a designer and manufacturer of point-of-sale displays which prides itself on keeping very close relationships with its clients. Our loyal customer base is testament to our belief in working partnerships.

At Consort, we believe that a partnership is based on listening to our customer's requirements and meeting their needs.

We specialise in solving point of sale problems and working pro-actively. We continually strive to better the service we offer each customer, which we refer to as constant and never ending improvement.

Through this quality and reliability, it comes as no surprise that we enjoy long-term relationships with the majority of our customers - but, of course, we always welcome new ones. By thoroughly getting to know you and your requirements we can guarantee your point of sale displays will do the job they are designed to do - sell more product!

We hope this website will convince you to enter a partnership with Consort Displays.